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This is short/ghost story I wrote for friend’s birthday. I was simply too tight to buy a card and justified my meanness by figuring that the unused paper would perhaps save a twig or two from some fortunate pine! I doubt it would save a poplar or birch, I just wouldn’t spend that much on a card :o)

The story was inspired by Steel Rigg Crags, which are a popular and stunning feature along the central section of Hadrian’s Wall in beautiful Northumberland. Visitors today may often witness the cliffs fronting the crags being used as the eyries of rock climbers, hanging on by their fingernails!

This tale begins around thirty years before commencement of the world famous wall. These were the days following victory over the Caledonian tribes, at the lost battle site of Mons Graupius. The subsequent recall to Rome of the great general Agricola came just before he could complete his conquest of our island. Did I hear a sigh of relief from the top half of the country there? There followed a protracted period of, sadly poorly documented, unrest. The nearest military stronghold in those days was Vindolanda, and from there, along the Stanegate, rode the Eighty who came too latey (sorry). I hope you enjoy the story, thanks for reading.



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