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CURSED by Stephen Llewelyn book cover in hardback format


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The eagerly awaited sixth book in Stephen Llewelyn’s epic New World Series.

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Reveal on Book 6 in the popular New World Series of time travel thriller books:

CURSED, the stage is set, and poor Tim Norris is having a roarfully bad time.

Desperate to avoid losing the friends he has left, his past, at least, will not leave him alone. There is only one man he can turn to for help, but James Douglas has problems of his own…

Sketch of a dinosaur by the author © Stephen Llewelyn
© Stephen Llewelyn

Series Endorsements

"Spaceships, wormholes and dinosaurs! Don't miss it."
Stephen Baxter
Time, The Long Earth, Doctor Who
Bombastic! Epic! Full of big ideas! Dinosaur is a thrilling read told on a huge scale. A massive spaceship packed full of characters is all set for a new life in space - but instead drops through a wormhole and ends up on prehistoric Earth. Stranded, struggling to survive, these people have a major problem to contend with: they're marooned on the planet of the dinosaurs! Stephen Llewellyn clearly knows - and loves - his dinosaurs, and that knowledge and passion shines through. The result is a big, bold adventure - and yet one that very much fits the mould of classic science-fiction, some very clever protagonists responding to a crisis by breaking it down into problems to be solved. Dinosaurs! Crashed spaceship! What's not to love?
Simon Guerrier
Primeval, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
"When I first heard about DINOSAUR I immediately thought that it would be along the lines of ‘STAR TREK meets JURASSIC PARK with a soupcon of JAMES BOND’. Well, I was wrong! It is much much more than that. It is an excellent adventure story in its own right, packed with action, suspense, humour and emotional drama played out by a wonderful gallery of characters."
Chris Barrie
RED DWARF, Tomb Raider

The New World Series:

AD2112, and one of the darkest political movements in recent history hides in the shadows, once more poised for a second stab at power. However, an accidental discovery leading to time travel emboldens them to think even bigger – and their plan is simple: erase everyone, start again.

The crew of the USS New World are thrown into a nightmare. Finding themselves initially in the Cretaceous Period, they must survive. A ruthless enemy presses them constantly, and collateral damage seems inevitable as they begin the journey home to an unknown future.


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