Stephen Llewelyn

Stephen Llewelyn (1972 - still not dead yet)

Whereas Obelix fell into a cauldron of magic potion at an early age, Stephen fell into the construction industry, spending most of his post education working life trying to climb back out!

Humble and unorthodox beginnings for a writer perhaps, but with lifelong passions for history, archaeology, palaeontology and music, the lure of writing stories was simply too much.

The New World Series was a natural progression, exploring humanity’s uncertain future from a long lost past, along with all of the intrigues which have plagued man (and woman) throughout every era.

Ever distracted by anything of a scientific or historic nature, Stephen suffers from an irritating fascination with almost everything and lives in a rural region of the UK with many crazy, but much beloved dogs (and possibly one of the most patient women who ever lived).

When not writing, Stephen loves to doodle and enjoys exploring the UK’s beautiful castles, coastline and countryside.

He hopes to fill the next few years with more books and at least some cool stuff before the brackets above acquire a closing date.

© Stephen Llewelyn