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REROUTE by Stephen Llewelyn book cover in hardback format

REROUTE – the fourth novel in the New World Series delivers the most exciting twists yet!

Available in Hardback, Paperback and Kindle formats.

Stunned by Tim Norris’ betrayal and unexpectedly trapped in the Cretaceous, Heidi Schultz’s mission to re-write the future is in tatters.

If she is to resurrect and enforce her grandfather’s very own manifest destiny, she will need help. Luckily, she knows exactly where to find it, but getting there will require all her resolve and ruthless cunning.

Captain James Douglas and his crew have no way of knowing where or when the USS New World has landed, only that they are stuck there, trapped within a ship that will never fly again.

Buried alive, the discovery of Holocene Epoch grass fires hope for their survival – they may even be home. However, emerging into a world of brutality, Captain Jill Baines discovers they did not travel alone…

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