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The Apothecaries

Fear, superstition, witchcraft… a darkly humorous slice of medieval life.

New from Stephen Llewelyn: A heart-warming, wickedly observational and entertaining historical fantasy novel, set in AD1399, Northumberland, England.


New World Series

“The New World Series explores humanity’s uncertain future from a long lost past, along with all of the intrigues which have plagued man (and woman) throughout every era.”

An insane plan is hatched to save humanity. Fighting to stop it could doom us all. When every action and decision may determine the fate of everyone who has ever lived, the right choice is not always clear However, for one man there is no choice at all…

The crew and passengers of the USS New World are lost 100 million years ago in Mid-Cretaceous Gondwana. It is the time of the dinosaur… for now. 

Discover the DINOSAUR AUDIOBOOK read by CHRIS BARRIE (Red Dwarf)

Praise for the New World series

" Immersing myself in the vivid world of Dinosaur, I really felt I'd travelled back to the Cretaceous. Utilising up to date scientific research, Llewelyn has breathed life back into the herds of giants and their predators that once roamed across Patagonia. If like me, you love time travel and prehistoric beasts, you'll relish this book."
Nigel Marven
Walking With Dinosaurs
"Spaceships, wormholes and dinosaurs! Don't miss it."
Stephen Baxter
Time, The Long Earth, Doctor Who
“Llewelyn accomplishes the task of blending together all the right stuff for a great character-driven science-fiction tale. The people on the journey are relatable and likable, the situation is incredible but Llewelyn seals it with believable science… brilliant writing. It will get your adrenaline pumping as new action sequences burst to life, and it’ll give you chills when each new surprise comes your way. This series is one you won’t want to miss."
Michael DeAngelo
"When I first heard about DINOSAUR I immediately thought that it would be along the lines of ‘STAR TREK meets JURASSIC PARK with a soupcon of JAMES BOND’. Well, I was wrong! It is much much more than that. It is an excellent adventure story in its own right, packed with action, suspense, humour and emotional drama played out by a wonderful gallery of characters."
Chris Barrie
RED DWARF, Tomb Raider
"Bombastic! Epic! Full of big ideas! Dinosaur is a thrilling read told on a huge scale. A massive spaceship packed full of characters is all set for a new life in space - but instead drops through a wormhole and ends up on prehistoric Earth. Stranded, struggling to survive, these people have a major problem to contend with: they're marooned on the planet of the dinosaurs! Stephen Llewellyn clearly knows - and loves - his dinosaurs, and that knowledge and passion shines through. The result is a big, bold adventure - and yet one that very much fits the mould of classic science-fiction, some very clever protagonists responding to a crisis by breaking it down into problems to be solved. Dinosaurs! Crashed spaceship! What's not to love?"
Simon Guerrier
Primeval, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer