Stephen Llewelyn

ALLEGIANCE by Stephen Llewelyn book cover in hardback format

ALLEGIANCE – the third book in Stephen Llewelyn’s New World Series promises to be the darkest yet…

Available in Hardback, Paperback and Kindle formats.

The time of the New World is coming to an end…

Captain Douglas must decide which path to take, but with so many lives at stake, it is difficult to know who to trust. Powerful enemies and formidable predators continue to make life difficult and dangerous for the New World’s crew, but even more perilous are the shifting sands of allegiance.

Betrayals and irreconcilable philosophies splinter the tiny human societies into ever smaller, bitterly opposed groups. It seems he must make a deal with the devil, but which one?

Meanwhile, Tim Norris is powerless and alone, his life or death completely within the gift of their most dangerous enemy. Trapped, he sets out to effect gradual, almost subliminal change from the inside, but with every act of collaboration he loses a piece of himself. Cut off from the guidance of friends and loved ones, his solo mission feeds a growing fear of his blood heritage.

Now, with nothing but memories of home to defend himself, he must face the monster within and hope to control it when the time comes to set it free.

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