Stephen Llewelyn

The Apothecaries by Stephen Llewelyn


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Fear, superstition, witchcraft… a darkly humorous slice of medieval life.

One small town in Northumberland.
One castle contract.
Two apothecaries.

A medieval adventure of witchcraft and the supernatural, based around locations in Northumberland, England. From the author of the popular New World Series.

The Apothecaries by Stephen Llewelyn - map of the Warmstirrup region

AD1399. Civil war is brewing. Usurpation, rebellion, betrayal, even black magic; these are hard times for the English people. Harder yet for near-destitute apothecary, Harry-the-Cough. Fleeing persecution and trumped-up murder charges, Harry is hunted by the law, jovial cutthroats, confused outlaws and an assassin who cannot die. When a suspected witch with a chequered past and a girl with a chequered present risk life and limb to save him, he is too busy running for his life to question why.

The Apothecaries by Stephen Llewelyn - map of Warmstirrup

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