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Want to know more about Stephen Llewelyn’s New World and the cast of characters that feature in the series?

Stephen has written a number of companion short stories exclusively for email subscribers, completely free and available as eBooks, with others to follow. 


Six people alone in a Cretaceous jungle. 

Ordered to make a threat assessment of their environment, Corporal Heinz Engel is at a loss where to begin. Between running and hiding from a most irascible spinosaur, his team find that foolish mistakes have bloody consequences, and while their predicament brings out the best in some, others show their true colours. By the end of the mission, Engel seeks only justice.

ENGEL is set during the early chapters of REVENGE, the New World Series Book 2.


Boy is a Mapusaurus roseae chick, a baby theropod dinosaur who must grow up fast to survive in the mid-Cretaceous. After an adult Mapusaurus destroys his family, he runs for the debatable safety of the forest. Brushes with other creatures, including the crew of the USS New World, are all part of the learning curve as he strives to carve out a territory of his own and grow strong enough to eventually face down his arch nemesis.

MAPUSAURUS is the second New World Series tie-in short story and takes place during DINOSAUR – Book 1, and REVENGE – Book 2.


Christmas AD1558. A haunted castle in the Scottish Borders. Snowed in and trapped with the worst-tempered, most irascible member of their crew – not to mention a malevolent ghost – Major Ford White and Mother Sarah could really use a holiday.

SPOILER ALERT: This short story takes place immediately after New World Series Book 5, REMAINS, and contains spoilers. Enjoy…