Stephen Llewelyn

Stephen has a love for history, archaeology, palaeontology and music, and as he is easily distracted, usually has several stories ‘under construction’ at any one time. 

It’s best to get the stories out this way, otherwise his head might explode. Which would not be pretty.

Here are just some of the projects Stephen has been finalising, with more to come! 


The eagerly awaited fifth novel in the New World Series slated for Halloween 2021!

Desperate to make one final jump through time, the crew of USS New World embark on their most dangerous journey yet…

NEW WORLD - EXTRA (spoiler alert)

NEWFOUNDLAND tells the tale of Captain Arnold Bessel, Lieutenant Audrey Jansen, Commander Morecombe Hetfield, Dr Kelly Marston and the crew of the USS Newfoundland. Picking up from the initial disappearance of the USS New World, Bessel travels back in time to rescue his friend, but it will be another twenty million years before they are reunited.

REBIRTH follows Geoff Lloyd’s voyage through astrology and Elizabethan politics, on a one-man mission to save the world. Meanwhile, in the deep past of the Cretaceous Period, a new civilisation is born.


AD1399, one small town, one castle contract, two apothecaries…

Civil war is coming. In the town of Warmstirrup, the build-up of soldiers has the population worried. Hundreds of men confined with poor sanitation and a few companionable ladies – it should be an ‘apothecary’s Christmas’ for Harry The Cough, and would be, were it not for his archnemesis Felix L’Éternuement.

In an atmosphere where each man would rather eat their own quack concoctions than work together, only their loathing of one another remains healthy…