Stephen Llewelyn


Yes, you heard right! The cat is officially out of the bag, and we couldn’t be more excited, or bursting with pride!

Stephen Llewelyn and his publishing his team have been busy beavering away on a top secret project, which involved many hushed, classified conversations behind tightly closed doors and in undisclosed locations, and we can FINALLY reveal more details.

The audiobook version of DINOSAUR, book one of the New World Series, is being immortalised by the incredible vocal talents of Chris Barrie, star of sci-fi comedy genius Red Dwarf!

Mr Barrie has been a long time time screen hero of Stephen Llewelyn, and was the natural choice to collaborate on this project.

Stephen Llewelyn says: “I’m so excited to have Mr Barrie collaborate with me on DINOSAUR.

He has been a pleasure to work with and I’m delighted and honoured to have him on board.”

Chris Barrie exclusively revealed his involvement in the project in his video interview with EM-CON this week.

Watch the video here, and stay posted for more news and release dates!