Stephen Llewelyn


Star of the big and small screen, Chris Barrie – probably best known and beloved as the hologram, Arnold J Rimmer, in the hit BBC sitcoms ‘RED DWARF’ and the notorious Gordon Brittas in ‘THE BRITTAS EMPIRE’ – has lent his vocal talents to the recording of a sci-fi adventure of ‘roarsome’ proportions.

Complying with the government’s health guidance, he spent a large proportion of the UK’s national Covid lockdown periods in 2020 in a studio near London, completing the audiobook recording.

This ‘lockdown project’ presented Mr Barrie with a perfect opportunity to stay busy and safe, while enjoying a new challenge.

Chris Barrie says, “It has been an absolute joy to record DINOSAUR. I look forward to recording further titles in the series next year.”

DINOSAUR’ by Stephen Llewelyn is the first novel in the acclaimed ‘New World Series’, set accurately against the backdrop of Mid-Cretaceous South America. Llewelyn combines classic character-driven, edge-of-the-seat ‘whodunnit’ with fascinating glimpses of our planet millions of years ago.

Mr Barrie adds: “We are living through truly unprecedented times and as things stand it is very difficult to identify a viable route back to what we used to call normality. Recording DINOSAUR has given me the chance to get really creative during this time. It’s an excellent adventure story, packed with action, suspense, humour and emotional drama played out by a wonderful gallery of characters.”

“There is no denying that the prospect of recording a 500 plus page novel with a very broad range of characters and some hellish pronunciations was initially quite daunting, but the more we recorded, the more I relished the challenges of ‘owning’ the characters and bringing Mr Llewelyn’s fantastic descriptions and observations off the page.

It has been a great privilege to be involved in this project and I hope people enjoy listening to DINOSAUR as much as I enjoyed recording it!”

Author Stephen Llewelyn says: “Mr Barrie’s genius for impressions and portrayal of multi-faceted characters, along with his longstanding interests in science, the military and engineering, made him the natural choice for this audiobook. He has been a pleasure to work with at every level. I’m delighted and honoured to have him on board.”

Also available in hardback, paperback and Kindle formats along with other titles from the series, the full and unabridged audiobook of DINOSAUR performed by Chris Barrie, can be ordered in both download and Audio CD formats from Amazon (US) here and Amazon (UK) here.