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REMAINS by Stephen Llewelyn book cover in hardback format


Faster, meaner, funnier – REMAINS is a worthy addition to this epic series.

Sci fi author Stephen Llewelyn has published his fifth time travel novel.

Set against the backdrops of mid-Cretaceous Egypt, Tudor England and WW2 Germany, Llewelyn brings us further beautifully researched glimpses of Planet Earth through time.

You can almost smell the rainforest and characters’ B.O. as the captivating, insightful and often humorous tale of humanity’s triumphs and flaws unwinds in this latest instalment.

A must for dinosaur fans, but equally fascinating for history buffs and end-of-the-world conspiracists.

REMAINS introduces some of the largest, meanest and also some of the fastest predators in the fossil record. Blending well-researched prehistoric adventure with historical fiction to create a unique time travel thriller, and packed with suspense, drama and humour, REMAINS is a worthy addition to this epic series.
Sketch of a dinosaur by the author © Stephen Llewelyn
More dinosaurs, more heroes and more villains feature in the latest instalment of the New World Series

Stephen Llewelyn’s latest novel was penned after moving to County Durham and the Pennines for creative inspiration. Many prominent features of the Northeast landscape such as Hadrian’s Wall, Great Cheviot and Hermitage Castle come to life in this epic time travel series, along with deep-time links to Britain in the mid-Cretaceous period.

Stephen says: “The last couple of years have been hard for many of us, but it’s great to see so much renewed interest in books and reading. When non-essential travel is curtailed, I say Time Travel while you can – the mpg is mind-blowing!”

REMAINS is the fifth title in Stephen Llewelyn’s New World Series of prehistoric fiction and time travel mystery thriller novels.

Llewelyn’s vast imagination has certainly cranked things up a notch, while his storytelling has only become more masterful. Clever characters, more witty, snappy dialogue, more crazy reveals and, of course, all the glorious science fiction goodness readers have come to expect from this series. – That’s Entertainment

Offered in Hardback, paperback and Kindle formats, ‘REMAINS’ is now available to order from Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and most main book outlets.

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