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Back to the previously mentioned dangling carrot, I’m excited to share with you that my publisher has commissioned ‘The Apothecaries’, a medieval comedy I’ve been playing around with for some years.

It’s as yet incomplete, but I hope to be able to finish it next year and bring it out for a little summer reading. As anyone who has read my work knows, I can’t resist the odd joke here and there.

The Apothecaries is a tale of two purveyors of, allegedly, medicinal remedies. Both need to win the same contract from Lord Henry Warmstirrup. One man wishes to solidify his position within the town and monopolise all apothecary services rendered in the region, while annihilating the competition. The other simply needs the business to survive and stave off utter destitution, not to mention starvation. The fact that they despise the very sight of one another is a given.

I can’t wait to introduce you to Harry The Cough and his archnemesis Felix L’Éternuement – The Apothecaries.

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