Stephen Llewelyn

A pile of rusty old nails


Have you ever thought about a nail? Really thought about its origin, its strength, or how many millions of nails there are, hidden deep, in things around us?

I have. And that’s probably because I have spent too much time in the construction industry! And also possibly too much time alone with my thoughts too :o)

But it has given me an appreciation of the simple things; how objects are made and how we take the simplest, everyday things for granted, yet without them we would be in trouble! The chair you’re sitting on right now would be as useful and functional as a chocolate teapot without the many, mostly hidden fixings and components that it comprises. I like chocolate, and teapots, but they don’t make a good combination, do they?

With this in mind, I have created my own tribute to the humble nail. A simple piece of metal, yet a vital, and often invisible fixing forming a part of everyday objects in our world, that we take for granted. Alas, no more – it’s your time to shine, nail!

Read the short story here.

Thank you so very much for reading,