Stephen Llewelyn


It’s been a crazy time, what with moving to the other end of the country and trying to set up a new home – all without slacking off on the new book.

However, despite cracking the whip, my publisher has also dangled a juicy carrot for me… several in fact.


Book 5 in the New World Series (REMAINS) has been slated for release in time for Halloween 2021 – which is very exciting for me, as I do love that celebration! The book is in final production stages now (which means that – aside from a few artwork tweaks – it’s time for me to finish everything off properly and correct all my mistakes!) It’s all good fun.


Back to the carrot – I can now officially tell everyone that once all seven novels in the New World Series are complete, and on the back of the success of the series so far, I have been asked to write two more! This is very exciting for me, especially as many readers have requested more about the voyage of the ill-fated USS Newfoundland.

Well, I’m happy to announce that the first of the extra books will simply be entitled ‘NEWFOUNDLAND’. I probably don’t need to say too much about the content of this addition to the series – I will simply say that it’s back to the Cretaceous we go! (And yes, as well as Captain Bessel and his crew, we shall also be following the trials and tribulations of the huge Sauropods known as Daisy and Gertrude, not forgetting the terrifying Matilda and her son. Finishing a series is as sad for a writer as it is for anyone following that series, so it feels great to be given the chance to go right back to the start with this book. I can’t wait to tell you the story!

The second NEW WORLD EXTRA novel will be entitled REBIRTH. NEWFOUNDLAND will expand upon old ground for anyone who read DINOSAUR and REVENGE, but REBIRTH is all new. I don’t want to say too much here, as it may give away plot for the final three books in the series. There is a very brief synopsis here, but please beware of spoilers.


…And that’s not all! My publisher has also commissioned ‘The Apothecaries’ a medieval comedy I’ve been playing around with for some years. It’s as yet incomplete, but I hope to be able to finish it next year and bring it out for a little summer reading. As anyone who has read my work knows, I can’t resist the odd joke here and there.

The Apothecaries is a tale of two purveyors of, allegedly, medicinal remedies. Both need to win the same contract from Lord Henry Warmstirrup. One man wishes to solidify his position within the town and monopolise all apothecary services rendered in the region, while annihilating the competition. The other simply needs the business to survive and stave off utter destitution, not to mention starvation. The fact that they despise the very sight of one another is a given. I can’t wait to introduce you to Harry The Cough and his archnemesis Felix L’Éternuement – The Apothecaries.


I’ve a lot of writing to do, so I’d better get on with it because once these books are out, I have further plans for a supernatural series.

FOR KEEPS will introduce you to a suitably unlikely, yet somehow likeable cast, who lurch from one terrifying disaster to another leaving a string of cockups and misdemeanours in their wake. I can’t wait to share it with you, but more about that as it unfolds…

Thank you so very much for reading,